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Blue Max is a unique WWI flight sim that emphasizes the tactical side of air combat. There are 2 main modes of play in Blue Max. The first is the traditional realtime air combat, and the second is a turn based gameplay mode.

In the turn based mode, you get to choose your aircraft's flight path from an overhead map. You can choose different actions such as flying straight, turning, climbing, or diving. The enemy also gets to to this, so you need to try to stay 1 step ahead of them. After you and your enemy have selected your moves, you will see your planes perform their actions in the 3d view. If you get the enemy in your sights, you can fire your guns and hope that you score some hits.

The realtime combat of Blue Max should be avoided by anyone who values a flight model. The planes sort of hover in the air and don't seem to be flying at the speed they should. It feels just like the turn based play, but without any time between turns.

Blue Max is definitely a game to take a look at, but diehard joystick jockeys should look elsewhere for an adreneline rush.